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The Apartment Service Joins SilverDoor from April 1st 2022

In September 2021, Habicus Group acquired The Apartment Service (TAS), bringing it into the same family as the world’s largest corporate accommodation agent, SilverDoor.

Since the acquisition, teams from SilverDoor and TAS have carefully worked together to ensure that we are providing continuity of service to clients and to you, our valued partners. We have also been considering how we can best deliver our service in the future.

We concluded that bringing together the two agencies, as a combined team, allows us to enjoy the best aspects of both in one place, under one market-leading, multi-award-winning brand – SilverDoor.

By coming together, the new enhanced SilverDoor proposition offers our partners:

  • An unrivalled client portfolio, delivering an ever-increasing volume of business to you
  • The strength and stability of a business operated with meticulous financial rigour
  • One, streamlined relationship to reduce administration
  • Offices in Denver, Madrid, Lancaster, London, Hyderabad and Singapore, supplemented by on-the-ground team members in Houston, Lisbon, Amsterdam & Frankfurt allowing us to sell your properties 24 hours a day across the globe
  • These are exciting times for the newly enlarged SilverDoor. As our clients grow, and trust us with ever more of their global accommodation requirements, the opportunities for you are significant.

We thank you all for your enthusiastic response to this news, and we hope you will join us in celebrating the beginning of a new chapter for us all. Should you have any questions, please email

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