Agent Services

Relocation Agents

The Apartment Service has worked with the worldwide relocation community since our beginnings in the 1980s. Being active members of the CHPA, ERC, EuRA, ARP and ASAP we are conscious of what the employee and the company needs. We take great pride in the experience we have in providing temporary accommodation for employees in this ever-increasing sector.

Travel Management Companies (TMCS) and Hotel Booking Agents (HBAS)

With TMCs and HBAs, and your customers, looking more to Serviced Apartment solutions as part of a Mobility Programme, we at The Apartment Service are keen to work with you to make it work. We are experienced in providing existing and bespoke corporate apartment solutions across the spectrum leading to savings on traditional hotel expenditure, as well as a better quality of life for the traveller.

As active members of the HBAA and ITM we see our interaction with the industry as critical to helping all our corporate clients.

Later this year will also see the integration of apartment availability and booking into our website using an industry standard OTA framework. In working with agents this will be available as a ‘white label’ product for integration into or to sit alongside your own systems.

Travel Agents

For the leisure industry serviced apartments have long been a popular choice enabling a far wider freedom than the traditional hotel, particularly for families.

Agent Technology Solutions

We are constantly developing new technology to enhance our relationship with our valued clients. A dedicated extranet area facilitates this enhanced relationship; via the Extranet area custom data feeds to be set up which follow your specific business rules. To find out more visit our client technology

To request access to the Extranet please register here and then email us your request along with your username/id.