Bangalore is a city of adventure and a fast growing metropolis. This 'garden city' is the capital of the Southern Indian state of Karnataka. Situated about 1000 m above sea level, it is known for its wonderful climate where temperatures remain moderate throughout the year. It is connected by air, rail and road to all major cities of the country and has direct international connections to many cities worldwide.

Bangalore is the political hub of the region mainly due to its economic importance. The population is around 8 million. Nowadays the main commercial areas of Bangalore are around M G Road and Brigade Road, where a lot of fast food outlets, yuppie theme bars and large shopping malls can be found. Bangalore's gentle climate, broad streets and green public parks made it the garden city in 1800's.

During the last decade Bangalore has undergone a massive transformation. More than 700 IT-companies have an office here, which has earned Bangalore the nick name “Silicon Valley of the East”.

Language Spoken

The most common language spoken in Bangalore is Kannad. This is the official language of the State of Karnataka. English is also widely spoken especially by the younger generation.


The currency in Bangalore is the Indian Rupee. 1 GBP = [CCExhange base="GBP" currency="INR"] INR*

Time Zone

IST - Indian Standard Time (GMT + 5.30)

International Dialing Codes

+91 – 80 (+local number)


Bangalore is considered to be climatically a well-favoured city situated in the heart of the South Deccan of Peninsular India. Bangalore enjoys a very agreeable climate and it is free from extremes. You can visit the city any time of the year and enjoy the salubrious climate. But the best time to visit is between September and March.

Emergency Numbers

General emergency number for Bangalore and the entire Karnataka Province: 1062

Public Transport Information

Local transportation in Bangalore is very good. The city buses run by the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation can get you to any place in the city. The only disadvantage is that they are not running on time. The best way to get around Bangalore is with the alternative transport called the Auto rickshaw. Rickshaw rides are the most nostalgic form of local transportation. It is the classic mode of getting around in the city which is now more and more popular with commuters. A rickshaw is a three wheeler which fits two or three people and is also a cheap way of travelling around the city. The fares are usually 1.5 times the normal fare if you travel before 6.00 am or after 10.00 pm.

Airport Code

BLR – Bengaluru International Airport. The airport is situated 40km South East from Bangalore CBD and 30km from the Central railway station of Bangalore. It has good international connections via hubs in Delhi, Mumbai and Dubai.

And Another Thing...

Bangalore is the city with the most pubs in India and the most breweries in the world.